Roller Lid-Shutter (SOT-ROLL series)

Why Choose our Roller Lid-Shutter?

Imagine a world where you can securely place all your goods and belongings in the trunk of your pick-up truck 4x4, knowing that whatever the weather, your property will not get damaged or stolen. Even better, imagine leaving your most treasured items in your truck in the knowledge they’re securely locked away, and under a cover lid whose aluminum hinges are impossible to disengage. Ladies and gentlemen, imagine no more. Let me introduce to you to our globally patented aluminum roller lid-shutter (sot-roll series).

Not happy with what the market had to offer regarding 4x4 roller lid shutters, here at Tessera4x4 accessories we decided to create our own superior version. After years agonizing over its design, we created our unique roller lid shutter that has been awarded 7 patents (2 global, 2 European and 3 domestic).

So what’s so different about our lid shutters you may ask?

Surely all pick-up lid shutters are the same? Well they’re not, and here’s why.

Security is generally the first thing anyone thinks of when investing in a roller lid-shutter for their 4x4. Our specially designed (patented) aluminum hinges connect with each other in such a way, that to get through them is virtually impossible.

The diagram above visually demonstrates this simple but extremely effective design.

Not only do our patented aluminum hinges provide great security, but their frictionless rotation is so smooth it provides minimal stress on its quality vinyl-PVC surface.

Ah yes, the vinyl-PVC surface. Let me explain its great qualities. Firstly, it’s weather proof. Hooray! I hear you scream. This is due to its unique combination of a top layer of vinyl-PVC sheet surface combined with the durable and tough aluminum hinges (panels) that roll along the anodize aluminum profile side rails. What does all this mean? Well, it prevents your exceptional roller lid-shutter from fading and losing its color from UV sunrays. It’s waterproof, durable, fire retardant, oh, I nearly forgot to mention, it’s also antimicrobial and antibacterial and super easy to clean.

A layer of vinyl-PVC & tough aluminum hinges ensures our shutters are tough and durable

For those of you who want to look good whilst driving around in your 4x4, our roller-lids are the ONLY shutters in the world that can be painted in the vehicle's color code or in "Black Matte" color. So, whatever color your ride is, give us the code and leave the rest to us. Simple!

Roller lid-shutter painted in Blue (vehicle's color code (PAINT-001))

Roller lid-shutter painted in Black Matt (PAINT-006))

Roller lid-shutter in Silver Aluminum standard version

I know what you’re thinking, roller shutters as good as this must surely be really hard to fit. Wrong! Installation is easy and quick, with no need for drilling (drilling is only necessary when the vehicle has got a roll bars, side hand-rails, or loading bars are fitted). If saving money on fuel is important to you, we can help you there too, as it reduces noticeably the amount you spend on fuel. When operational, the roller lid-shutter increases the aerodynamics of your vehicle, creating a smoother drive, particularly at high speeds, and performs like a big wind-spoiler. Such a smooth ride inevitable means less fuel burned and fewer gas station stops for you.

So no need to imagine a world where all the above doesn’t exist. It does. It’s here, and available to you right now. So if you ever had doubts about leaving your expensive tools or luggage in the back of your truck, or they need protecting from difficult weather conditions, now is the time to consider our aluminum roller lid-shutter (sot-roll series).

Coming soon, another blog with more great reasons why our roller-lid shutter is superior...