Mercedes X-Class, the new player on the market

Most of recent studies reveals with statistical evidence and useful charts that the market share of pick up trucks is rising globally. We could describe it as a new trend since more and more customers want to combine off road ability along with a passenger car of luxury refinement.

This fact could not leave unconcerned and unaffected the people behind a big player of the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz.

Even though Mercedes-Benz has a long tradition of successful vehicle lines “made of work”, this need from customers made it inevitable to make its first attempt of launch a pick-up truck and gain a share among competitors in this increasing market. From early 2015 rumors and concept photos made their first appearance and spread rapidly on the internet. This lasted until July 2017, when Mercedes-Benz unveiled in world premiere which took place in Cape Town the new X-Class. According to schedule, the first trucks delivered in European market on January 2018 and the number of sales for first quarter were exceeded Mercedes-Benz expectations.

All these new customers will then be searched for accessories to equip the trunk of their brand-new vehicles.

For us, Tessera4x4 Accessories team, yet another challenge was accepted, offer to our customers high quality accessories for their pick-up truck Mercedes X-Class.

Our R&D department designed the new products while the production achieved to get ready in a short of time a complete range of premium quality accessories. Of course, this collection includes the flagship of our company, our popular 7 Patented aluminum roller lid shutter (SOT-ROLL Series) in which we gave the name SOT 1319 ROLL.

A roller lid shutter far from its competitors which offers total security due to the specially designed (patented) aluminum hinges...

...while their combination with the vinyl -PVC makes it the only in the global market which is 100% protected from all weather conditions.

The roller lid shutter includes 2 drainage systems and 2 overflows to ensure rapid and complete drainage of the unit housing box, while 4 water channels are placed strategically to protect it from water and dust.
In all these features we included the new anti-leaf technology to ensure no small debris will obstruct the functionality of the drainage system.

This is only the start, as X-Class owners can also choose a variety of our products such as roll barsside hand railscross racks to load and tie with safety their personal belongings. Guess what, the patented perimeter base (5mm thickness) of our roller lid shutter gives to our customers the option to combine it with these extra accessories and customize the trunk accordingly to their specific needs.

Another step for Mercedes-Benz to reply to the competitors is to offer more and more options and fill the range of X-Class pick-up versions. A new one became available the so called “Rock Edition” which includes an OEM roll bar in stainless steel and black color.

We are glad to inform you that we redesigned and made the proper modifications to our roller lid shutter so to follow the exact shape and be combined with X-Class OEM roll bar. This new roller lid shutter has the name SOT 13191 ROLL.

These two product codes SOT 1319 ROLL and SOT 13191 ROLL are launched as standard in “Black Matt” version to offer a sporty and elegant feeling to the owners, while at the same time can be used from heavy duty users. The “Black Matt” version has great durability to scratches and marks as the unique powder and paint procedure of QUALICOAT company (30 minutes firing in 180 degrees) is certified with quality systems 9001:2000 & 14001:2004.

For those who want to match up similar color there is also available the option to choose the version of the exact color code of the vehicle. Just provide us with your vehicle’s color code and we will paint it according to manufacturer’s quality standards.

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